Develop your sales, get new opportunities and succeed with us. LEAP MEDIA advises and supports you in developing your firm through the universe of chat and community services. Let us help you build a solid strategy to become a major Player in one of the most booming Telecom and Internet sector activity.
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About what we do
EOS is a media content development and marketing/distribution company – within media and telecommunications Elevator Speech: The world as we know it has become a closely knitted content networking environment. We continue to rely on our technological devices to be part of our lives. Todays our laptops, personal computers, Tablets, smartphones and handheld devices are an indispensable commodity in our day to day live. EMS brings entertainment closer to the live of the people through all these multimedia platforms. We make it easier for people to connect to other people, to amuse themselves, to have fun, to play, learn and to socialize. We add value to mobile and Internet content. We create and provide valuable services on multimedia mobile and Internet platforms. We provide the opportunity for others to create their own content and share it.
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